Opportunities in the Yan Lab

Yan group members will gain interdisciplinary expertise in Organic and Inorganic synthesis,  Photochemistry, and Materials Science with particular focuses on catalysis, photocatalysis, and photoelectrocatalysis.

Yan lab is actively recruiting energetic, passionate and responsible researchers to make pharmaceutical drugs out from solar using our expertise in solar cell and catalysis.

For inquiries, please contact Dr. Yan via email: yong.yan@sdsu.edu

Undergraduate students
Students will be trained on hand-on experience on the synthesis (organic or inorganic) and fundamental chemical characterizations, such as HPLC-MS, GC-MS, NMR, XRD, Electrochemistry, and spectroscopy. Undergraduate researcher will initially have the opportunity to work with graduate students or postdoc for a three-month period project. After evaluation,  undergraduate students will gain the opportunity to directly lead an independent project.

Graduate students
Students in the masters or Ph.D. graduate programs at San Diego State University will have the opportunity to design and develop photocatalytic organic synthesis methodology and make pharmaceutical drugs out from solar using our interdisciplinary expertise in solar cell and catalysis. We are also welcoming students who are interested in solar fuels project that employs our expertise in solar cell and electrocatalysis.

Note: Graduate students need to apply through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Postdoctoral researcher
Successful candidates are expected to have a strong background in organic synthesis and/or photocatalysis,  work independently, and work well with graduate students and the PI. Currently, we have two Postdoc positions available. 1) Asymmetric organic synthesis, particularly with a background in photo-redox synthesis; 2) optical background in hybrid perovskite materials. Please send your CV with an email title “Postdoc_Organic Methodology_YourName” or “Postdoc_Perovskite_YourName” to Dr. Yan (yong.yan@sdsu.edu).