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Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic reaction and mechanism

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Physical Organic Chemistry

Mechanisms of Organic Chemistry

Adv. Topics in Chemistry: Energy and Fuels

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Chemical Education for graduate students

Teaching and Outreach Program

FundGeeK: With our expertise in energy, engineering, and chemistry, we are launching a program, FundGeeK: Financial-deficiency or Underrepresented students for Graduate studies in Energy, Environment, and Chemistry, in order to promote and encourage Talent undergraduate students for further graduate degrees. 

We are currently recruiting graduate students to devote as a near-peer graduate mentor in this program.  Fund students (Financial-deficiency or Underrepresented graduate students) are particularly welcome to provide mentorship in the FundGeeK program. 

2019 Events and Activities:

Meet with the departmental seminar speaker, 3/1;

Meet with the departmental seminar speaker, 3/22;

CoffeeRound table, 4/12;

Meet with a Princeton Chemistry Professor, 5/24;

Meet and CoffeeRound table with a Pfizer Scientist, 6/28;

ACS conference (more speakers in San Diego) and Graduate school information, 8/26-29;

Industry Seminar in Fall 2019, tentative in Oct. 2019;

Meet and CoffeeRound table with a Illumina Scientist, Nov. 2019.